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Allergy Information

Food Allergies

What is a food allergy?

It is an adverse reaction to a food or food component that involves the body’s immune system.

How does Unican manage allergies?

Unican strives to provide its consumers with accurate, reliable ingredient statements upon which consumers can make their purchase decision. Unican has an Allergy Task Force that ensures that the ingredient statements are always accurate, and that any allergen statements placed on the label is understandable.

Do your products share plants & equipment?

We take food allergies very seriously at Unican and have strict procedures in place to prevent crossover of allergens into other products that do not contain the allergen. In instances where we have a concern about possible crossover by an allergen we take the added precaution of including an allergy information statement on the label.

Can you send me an allergen list?

We have found that allergen lists quickly become outdated as our product lines change over time. Rather than have you make purchase decisions based on outdated information, we encourage you to check the ingredient label on the package. This label provides accurate, current information about all the ingredients in the package.