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Privacy Policy is the place in cyberspace where fans of Unican USA can come to find out more about their favorite candy, play games and have their opinions heard. believes in the power of kids and we urge both kids and their parents to use and enjoy our website. While we encourage the interactive nature of online media, we strive to educate parents and kids about how to appropriately safeguard their privacy when traveling on the Web. is committed to complying fully with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998. Our information collection practices are described below. We urge kids to check with their parents before entering information on any website and we urge parents to discuss with their kids restrictions regarding the online release of personal information to anyone they don’t know.

What Information Is Collected?

At, it’s our policy to create website content that requires minimum collection of information from our visitors. Generally, limits our collection of information from kids to what is known as limited personally identifiable information (e.g. kid’s email address and/or email address of parent or third party), as explained below, in order to conduct online contests or sweepstakes or offer other online activities (e.g. electronic postcards, newsletters). does not condition a kid’s participation in any of our online activities on the disclosure of more information than is reasonably necessary to participate in the activity.

Account Creation and Electronic Newsletter Subscription offers kids the opportunity to create an account and sign up to receive the newsletter by email. When a kid creates an account and asks to receive our email newsletter, the child is asked to provide his or her first name and the email address of his or her parent/guardian. Within two business days of receiving this information, we send the child’s parent a notification email informing him or her of the child’s request to create an account and receive by email the newsletter on an ongoing basis and give the parent the option to have his or her child’s information be removed from our newsletter database. At any time after receiving this notification email, the child’s parent has the opportunity to exercise the option to request that we stop sending the child the newsletter and have the child’s information removed from our newsletter by following the “unsubscribe” instructions found in their initial notification email. In addition, parents may at any time review any identifiable information collected about their child.

Contests and Sweepstakes occasionally offers contests and sweepstakes, which may be entered online. To participate in a contest or sweepstakes, a child is asked to create an account as referenced above, and subsequently provide his or her first name and email address. Sometimes, when we conduct contests or sweepstakes that may involve more than a one-time contact, we ask additionally for the email address of his or her parent. In such types of contests or sweepstakes, we send the child’s parent an email within two business days informing him or her of the child’s entry and give the parent the option to have the child’s entry deleted. All the information collected by is securely maintained and used only for the purpose of conducting the contest or sweepstakes. The information collected in a sweepstakes may be passed to a fulfillment house which may use the information to help run the contest or sweepstakes and may not use it for other purposes and has agreed to maintain the confidentiality of such information.

Electronic Postcards and Email Messages provides kids the opportunity to send electronic postcards featuring Unican USA characters or original artwork to family or friends. Also, features information about products that kids are interested in and from time to time will send, on behalf of kids who request it, email messages to family and/or friends to let family and/or friends share their interest. We may ask for a first name, but we do not require kids to submit personally identifiable information about themselves in order to send an electronic postcard or for to send email messages to family or friends. We do, however, ask kids to submit the email address of the recipient of such electronic postcards or email messages. may also provide the opportunity to send e-mail to us. We may ask for first names, but we request no personally identifiable information except an e-mail address, which we use solely for the purpose of responding to messages and/or requests.

All information collected for electronic postcards and email messages is used only to send the requested electronic postcard or email message and to respond to email questions and/or requests and is deleted from our system once the electronic postcard, email message or email response is sent.

Customer Service users may email us their questions about our site. We do not request that users submit any personal information online for customer service inquiries. We may however ask for additional non-personal information to better help us respond to customer service questions. We use the parental email address to communicate directly with parents about technology-related questions, and provide them with answers that they and their child may find helpful. We do not sell, transfer or share the parental email address with third parties, with the exception that the information may be transferred, disclosed and shared with a third party agent who may use the information solely to handle and manage customer service, but cannot use it for other purposes and has agreed to maintain the confidentiality of such information.